dLibra demo is available for you to get more familiar with dLibra functionality without the need to install it.

Reader’s application is available at

To run editor’s and administrator’s application, which enables you to add digital objects (publications) to dLibra demo, click on the image below:

Run editor's and administrator's application

Before testing the application, we encourage you to get familiar with documentation.

In order to connect to dLibra demo you need to fill in the following information in the login profile:

Post: 10051
User and password: in order to get appropriate user name and password, please contact us.

ATTENTION: In order to run editor’s and administrator’s application, you need to have Java Virtual Machine 6.0 or higher installed. You can download it by clicking the image below:

Download Java

To connect to the test version of the dLibra system, editor’s and administrator’s application need to have the possibility to make a TCP connection on ports 10051 and 10052 to server. Please note that firewalls (software or hardware) may block such connections and therefore cause problems with connection to the dLibra demo. In case of difficulties, please contact with your computer network administrator.

Kompleksowy pakiet oprogramowania do gromadzenia, przechowywania i udostępniania obiektów cyfrowych