dLibra: Digital libraries

dLibra is a dedicated software tool to build digital libraries. It is focused on publishing documents coming from libraries (academic and public), non-government institutions, foundations, public bodies, commercial companies as well as individuals. Its broad applicability is confirmed by its long-term presence at the national and international level both in form of multiple deployments and scientific/press publications.

dLibra system offers a broad scope of functions and characteristics, including:

  • storage and retrieval of digital objects independent of format, e.g. PDF, DjVu, MP3, FLV, JPG,
  • dedicated tools supporting import from external systems and formats (e.g. MARC, XML, BibTeX, Z39.50, RDF),
  • advanced capabilities in terms of resources and metadata management,
  • secure and flexible authentication (e.g. LDAP, SSO, dedicated solutions),
  • advanced rights management allowing precise assignment of duties,
  • support for building complext digital libraries (e.g. regional), with hundreds of cooperating institutions,
  • scalability of the digital library along with the growth of resources and users,
  • interoperability through the information exchange, using well-known standards and formats (e.g. OAI-PMH, OAI-ORE, RDF, OpenSearch, RIS).

Such a broad spectrum of functions and capabilities is an effect of long-term cooperation of the users community (mostly librarians) and Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) representatives. As a result of this cooperation we gain not only very good software tool for digital libraries, but also users community which meets annually on conferences and workshops co-organised by PSNC.

It is important to mention, that dLibra is the first Polish system for building digital libraries, which has been developed by the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) since 1999. dLibra is widely used by various institutions to publish their holdings. These institutions, using the PIONIER network, create together Polish platform of digital libraries. One of the key components o this platform is Digital Libraries Federation.

Digital Libraries Federation

PIONIER Polish Optical Internet

Kompleksowy pakiet oprogramowania do gromadzenia, przechowywania i udostępniania obiektów cyfrowych