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Advantages of the Sinus system
A modern portal WWW
The SINUS system is prepared in accordance with the latest Internet trends and technologies so as to provide the users of the shared information with the most friendly and convenient user interface. During the development of the web portal, aspects such as responsiveness (good functioning on mobile devices), WCAG 2.0 and user-oriented design are taken into account.
Each institution has its own, individual requirements for sharing scientific output. The SINUS system is designed so that it can be easily adapted to the needs, both in the context of the data model stored in the system and the adaptation of the website to the visual identification of the institution or other requirements.
Comfortable editors work
Editors working with the SINUS system have many mechanisms at their disposal to facilitate and speed up their work. Mechanisms for data validation, autocomplete, permissions, or viewing publication fields are just some of the functions that increase the efficiency of the editor's work.
Very good visibility online
Dedicated mechanisms for providing information on the Internet, which are built into the SINUS system, provide excellent visibility and searchability of resources in search engines. Thanks to these functions, Internet users can easily find information about publications placed in the system, which increases the visibility of the university on the Internet and promotes the scientific achievements of its employees.
Complete scientific output
The SINUS system can store various types of information, both about standard publications and conferences, journals or publishing series. The system can also enter information about employees and other types of information, such as software, architectural designs, or applicants. The scope of entered information is always determined individually.
Integration with external systems
The SINUS system not only stores and makes available on the Internet information about the scientific achievements of employees. It can also cooperate with external IT systems, e.g. with the university login system, systems providing journal scores, or systems with information about citations.
The SINUS system has the function of exporting data to the PBN system, and additionally allows you to generate various reports at the level of institutions or organizational units. Reports in the form of spreadsheets are also available, which allows for multi-criteria analyzes in the area of employees' scientific achievements.
Convenient browsing and searching
Users of the web portal have many ways to interact with the system. Browsing, searching and displaying information about publications and employees are the basic functions of the web portal. Sharing information on the portal is also facilitated by the use of clear links to individual resources of the portal.
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