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FACILITIES FOR USERS The functions dedicated to website users (so-called visitors) include primarily those that enable finding interesting historical monuments and presenting them:
Metadata enrichment service LoCloud provides a metadata enrichment service whose aim is to assists users in providing contextual information about existing cultural heritage data, as well as helping to categorize cultural heritage items with relevant terms and concepts of a particular vocabulary.
Get started easily After registering on the site and completing a simple form, you can start sharing your collections on-line literally in a few minutes.
No need for large financial investments LoCloud Collections is a service that we provide based on our own professional IT infrastructure. Thanks to this, service users do not have to invest in hardware or software before starting to share collections.
Scalability When you start sharing collections online, you often don't know how much collection you will want or be able to share in the end. With LoCloud Collections, you can start with the smallest billing plan and gradually increase the available storage space as your digital collection grows.
Compatibility with Europeana Europeana is a platform that collects data on the online collections of European cultural institutions. By using LoCloud Collections, you can be sure that there will be no technical obstacles in transferring information about your collections to Europeana.
Openness We use Omeka open source software. This ensures that even if you ever want to stop using our platform, you can use the same software to continue sharing your data elsewhere. In addition, each of the digital collection systems provides access to data entered into it through open API and the OAI-PMH protocol.
STORAGE AND SHARING Editors of digital museum have a set of functions at their disposal to efficiently organize and introduce digital collections. These are primarily the functions:
Customizable user interface When configuring your digital collections system, you can choose one of several ready-made graphic designs and then adapt it to your own needs. You can also commission us to develop a dedicated graphic design.
Access to advanced harvest usage statistics In LoCloud Collections, we offer access to a dedicated analytics service that collects detailed information about the traffic of Internet users on the pages of your digital collections.
Visibility in search engines LoCloud Collections digital collection systems are adapted for automatic indexing by robots, thanks to which Internet users will be able to find your collections in Google and other popular search engines.
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