Advantages of the system dMuseion
The ability to store digital objects in any format, eg. PDF, DjVu, MP3, FLV, JPG.
Supporting tools
The system has a dedicated support tools to import data from external systems (eg. MARC, XML, BibTeX, Z39.50, RDF).
Content management
Advanced management capabilities stored content and metadata.
Secure Login
Secure and flexible authentication (LDAP, SSO, dedicated solutions).
Tailored to your needs
Expanded rights mechanism, allowing for flexible assignment of responsibilities to individual employees.
Support for building sophisticated digital libraries (eg. Regional), bringing together hundreds of institutions.
Automatic extension
Scalability portal with the expansion and growth of users and / or digital objects.
Interoperability through the exchange of information using the universally recognized standards and formats (OAI-PMH, the OAI-ORE, RDF, OpenSearch, RIS).
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