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Advantages of dLab
Integrated with dLibra, dMuseion and dArceo systems
The dLab system is fully integrated with other elements of the DInGO package. In the standard configuration, the dLibra system is used to define digitization plans and make presentation versions available on the Internet, the dLab system is responsible for the digitization process and the use of external tools in data processing, while the dArceo system stores archive packages of the resulting mother / presentation / production files.
Organizes the digitization process
Digitization using the dLab system is systematized and compliant with the digitization paths defined by the institution. Each employee is assigned to perform specific activities within the process, and automated tools accelerate repetitive activities.
Monitors the progress of work
Due to the fact that many statistics regarding the digitization process are collected in the dLab system, it is possible to multi-criteria monitoring the progress of works or individual aspects of digitization. Reports allow you to generate summaries of the work carried out.
Flexible and customizable
During implementation and during operation, the dLab system can be configured in many different ways to adapt it to the needs of a given institution and digitization practice. Configurable items include digitization process paths, parameters of activities performed as part of the process, user rights, as well as external tools used to automate work.
Supporting many tools
By default, the dLab system supports many different work automation tools. These are i.a. tools for file naming standardization, file quality verification, conversion of master files to presentation versions, character recognition (OCR) and publishing objects on the Internet or data archiving. Tools tested in production environments include Abbyy FineReader RS and Professional, Document Express, Image Magick, JHOVE, LibreOffice.
It supports various types of objects
Digitizing with the dLab system it is possible to handle various types of objects, such as bookbinding blocks or magazines. Support for this type of objects is carried out at the level of the dLab system itself, so that scanning can be carried out regardless of the substantive work of the editor.
Used by many institutions
The dLab system is proven and implemented in several places in Poland, and works with it are carried out by several dozen institutions. As a rule, a single implementation includes several digitization paths and a dozen or so activities that constitute them. With each such implementation, there is also the dArceo system for long-term data archiving.
Supports the management of physical facilities
The dLab system supports the monitoring of physical copies of objects that are subject to digitization. It is possible thanks to the so-called waybills, which enable the tracking of physical objects traveling from the warehouse to the digitization workshop and back.
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