Services and support

dLibra and dMuseion systems

Beside purchasing the license for the PSNC dLibra/dMuseion software it is also possible to purchase additional services related to the dLibra/dMuseion software. The standard services are:

  • software installation – performed remotely or locally in recipient’s building,
  • user training (both for digital library editors and administrators),
  • technical help,
  • software migration to the newer version

Moreover, it is possible to provide other, not listed above services, such as scaling digital library or integration of the dLibra/dMuseion software with external IT systems. It is also possible to adjust or extend functionality of the dLibra/dMuseion software. The prices of such services depend on the scope and are the subject of individual negotiations.

User training

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center offers paid training in the filed of dLibra/dMuseion system usage. Typical training lasts two days (2 x 5h) and consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part aims to present basic assumptions concerning digital libraries based on dLibra/dMuseion system. During the practical part participants learn how to use Editor and Reader/Visitor application.

It is also possible to execute training for administrators of digital libraries based on dLibra/dMuseion system. The training shows how to use Administrator Application, how to configure and use dLibra/dMuseion Server and how to configure dLibra/dMuseion Reader/Visitor Application.

Training may be executed either in PSNC in Poznań or in the institution purchasing the training. The price of the training depends on the final scope and number of participants. If you are interested please contact us to get detailed information.

Technical help

When writing to technical help, please describe precisely and in details problem and activities which lead to problematic situation.

PSNC does not guarantee technical help for individuals or institutions which did not enter into a contract with PSNC for paid technical help.

dLab and dArceo systems

Due to specific application of the dLab system (automatization of individual digitisation workflow) it is offered along with the full deployment service. In scope of the full deployment PSNC provides:

  • deployment and configuration of every component of the dLab system on customer servers,
  • training in the field of usage and configuration of dLab software,
  • technical help in the field of usage and configuration of dLab software for one year period.

Deployment and configuration of particular dLab components is always an effect of individual consultations with the customer. As a result dLab system is adjusted to the customer’s current digitisation workflow. For example it can be:

  • automated creation of presentation version with the use of customer’s tools.
  • automated submission of digital objects to costomer’s digital library/museum
  • automated creation of thumbnails for digital objects
  • automated submission of master files to the long-term preservation system (e.g. dArceo)
  • automated backups

The scope of automatization and integration with the customer’s tools is always a subject of individual agreements. In order to get more details, please contact us.

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