dLibra 2.2

Version 2.2 of the dLibra system has been released. We present changes and new features introduced in version 2.2 of the dLibra system. Changes in administrator and editor application General changes User guide is available in two forms: PDF and HTML Extended possibilities of MARC 21 import  Import from MARC 21 files has been extended […]


dLibra 2.0

On May 23, 2005 dLibra project has released version 2.0. Main changes in this version: Batch publications upload mechanism added. Mechanism for storing publication files improved (support for system recovery after database failure). Time publishing allows editor to specify certain date when publication will be marked as not published. Support for access authorization to publication based […]


dLibra 1.6

On 1st April, 2005 version 2.0 of dLibra system has been released. Main changes include: Support for Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL database (database independency) OAI-PMH protocol support prototype PDF and DjVu publication content indexing Readers accounts (allows for news subscription) Publication lifecycle extension – planned and removed publications introduced Next version release is scheduled at the […]


dLibra 1.4

On 3rd November, 2004 version 2.0 of the dLibra system has been released. Main changes include: Miniature for edition Additional, english user interface for Reader Application Help pages editor in administrative panel (Reader Application) Downloading the content of publication in a ZIP file Intruders detection and blocking (anti-hacking mechanism) Group publications Next version release is […]


dLibra 1.0

On 2nd July, 2004 version 1.0 of the dLibra system has been released. Main changes include changes affecting all components Extended metadata description of publication: dictionary of attribute’s values groups of attribute’s values attribute’s roles attributes’ schemas removed server indexing and searching mechanism modified in order to use changes made in attributes module (i.e. possible […]


dLibra 0.5

On 29th April, 2004 version 0.5 of the dLibra system has been released. Main changes include: server interactive installer of dLibra system added client application sending information about bug which occurred when working with application to technical staff possible WWW application extension of publication ranking mechanism We plan to focus now on extending functionality of […]


dLibra 0.4

On 8th April, 2004 version 0.4 of the dLibra system has been released. The main changes include: server possibility to run the server as a service (both under the Windows and Linux), autimatic restart in case of serious damage, remote control of server (shutdown, restart, reindexing publications, etc.) limiting the number of ports which are […]


dLibra 0.4 beta 1

On 8th March, 2004 version 0.4 beta 1 of the dLibra system has been released. Main changes include: New collections mechanism – now publication can be assigned to many collections. Collections are independent from directories. Handling diacritics in searching process – during searching diacritics which occur in the text of publication are transformed to corresponding […]


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