View DjVu objects – no plugin required!

Wielkopolskia Digital Library has a new mechanism to view objects in DjVu format – it does not require to install additional plugins or extensions. The mechanism has been developed with the use of HTML5 technology.

In order to check how this new mechanism works with DjVu format, you need to:

  1. Select an object in DjVu format on the Wielkopolska Digital Library website.
  2. On the page with information about object, click “Show publication content” link.
  3. Wait for the new window to appear and click link named “More…” located in the bottom-right part of the screen (near “You can view this publication in different way.” text).
  4. From the list select “DJVU – HTML5″ option.
  5. If you want your browser to remember your choice, select “Remember my choice” option.
  6. Click “Show content” button.

We hope that this new mechanism will increase access to objects available in DjVu format. For those who want to deploy this mechanism in their own digital library (based on dLibra software), please follow this entry in FBC Q&A (only in Polish):

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