dLibra 4.0

Today we have completed work on version 4.0.0 of the dLibra system. Improvements are related to search functions, securing publications from copying and many new functions for editors and readers. Detailed scope of changes:

  • General changes
    • Group publications
      • Possibility to assign to collection of exhibitions
      • Comment, description and miniature
    • Extensions for special handling of selected content formats
      • Applet for displaying DjVu publications
      • Applet for displaying multimedia files
    • Direct access to the text layer of publication
    • Performance optimization of the server and reader application
      • Improvement of searching and indexing performance
      • Storage of the cache memory when the reader application is turned off
    • Improvement of the consistency checking mechanism for indices
    • Mechanism for backup copies of the search indices
  • Security
    • IP authorisation – automatic discovery user identity
    • Secuting DjVu and PDF publications from text printing and copying
  • Searching
    • Extension of queries with subattributes
    • Indexing and searching capabilities for description and comment
    • „Did you mean…?” mechanism
    • „Find similar” mechanism
  • For editors
    • Possibility to search and import metadata through Z39.50 protocol
    • Sending prepared earlier publications with a given delay
    • Possibility to move main group publications
    • Search mechanism for administrative notes
    • New possibilities when typing/modifying metadata
      • Copy inherited
      • Add synonyms to the value
      • Duplicates discovery
    • Separate configurations for particular languages for MARC import
    • Synonyms import from MARC
    • Support for NAT
    • Possibility to change MIME-TYPE of a file
    • Navigation in editor’s application
    • Configuration possibilities for characters discarded when sorting items on elements list
    • Possibility to define a template for publicatio/edition name
    • Additional possibilities when ordering publications in group publication
  • For readers
    • User network profile
    • Favorite publications
    • Possibility to rank publication
    • Private tags
    • Public tags
    • Possibility to export a list of publications


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