dLibra 1.0

On 2nd July, 2004 version 1.0 of the dLibra system has been released. Main changes include
changes affecting all components

  • Extended metadata description of publication:
  • dictionary of attribute’s values
  • groups of attribute’s values
  • attribute’s roles
  • attributes’ schemas removed


  • indexing and searching mechanism modified in order to use changes made in attributes module (i.e. possible query extension with use of attribute’s groups)
  • server stability in service mode improved,
  • error messages which occur during installation improved,
  • communication mechanism improved

client application

  • publication description interface and attributes managing interface modified in order to use changes made in attributes module (i.e advanced attribute’s dictionary management, searching dictionary, attributes management),
  • publication creater improved.

WWW application

  • publication description component modified in order to use changes made in attributes module,
  • extension of searching interface (query extension mechanism)
    • administrative panel added allowing for:
    • editing messages which are presented on main page,
    • adding digitalization plans for publications,
    • reports for publications in digital library,
    • ordering gathered statistics,
    • running editor and administrator application with use of Java Web Start technology.

We plan now to focus on extending functionality of WWW application and efficiency improvement. Next version will be marked by 1.4 symbol. New version release is scheduled at the end of September, 2004.


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